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Beijing Eberl Instrument Trading Co., Ltd. was invited to attend Chinese Materials Conference 2017

Chinese Materials Conference is the most important meetings series of Chinese Materials Research Society(C-MRS), which held once a year. Chinese Materials Conferenceaimed at building a communication platform for researchers, entrepreneurs and administration officers and students in the field of materials research and development to exchange their recent research results. Chinese Materials Conference 2017 was held in Yinchuan city, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, from July 06-12, 2017. The conference consists of 35 symposia and 2 international materials forums, covering the fields of energy and environmental materials, new functional materials, ceramic and polymer materials, high performance structural materials, design, preparation and evaluation of materials. In addition, materials education forum, advanced materials enterprises forum, and the equipment exhibition for the materials laboratories were held simultaneously during the conference.



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